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Cinder as Batman is not suitable, so I choose Lady Shiva instead cause she looks way more better as her. And I chose Ruby to be BlackBat, I hope you don’t mind :D

"I’ll ask again little bat, will you let me teach you the way of embers?" questioned Cinder, causing Black Bat to re-think her own strength before responding, "Fine… You win. You can teach me the way of embers, but after that, our partnership is over."

"I’m glad you’ve decided to accept my offer, little bat. I’m sure after your training is complete, you’ll see that I’m not as bad as you may think I am," responded Cinder with a smile.

She knew the potential that Black Bat held within her. And she was certain she could help unlock it. Black Bat had the spirit to fight crime, but lacked the training.

Training that Cinder could provide.

And that with time, Black Bat could maybe even prove to be the worthy fighter Cinder was looking for.

"Come, little bat. We have much training ahead of us," explained Cinder as she helped the rookie hero up.

"… How long will the training be?" asked Black Bat.

"As long as it takes."

Dungeon fun. (Friends not included with purchase.)


“After walking through the forest, you run into 2 bandits. They are Orcs, and they may be the same bandits that was terrorizing the town you left” explained Starlight Mist as she rolled initiative for her two Orc bandits. The results were low.

“Now roll for your initiative,”…


Glad you enjoyed it =D

A Fire Mage was one of the only fitting classes I could see Radiant play as, haha! An engineer/Alchemist would have worked too, but I never actually played something like that.

After re-reading the story myself, I may just write out a few more parts of this Dungeon Group of Starlight’s =P

This one was fun to write, after all ^_^

And yes, the group was playing as ‘Humanoid’ characters =P

Dungeon fun. (Friends not included with purchase.)

“After walking through the forest, you run into 2 bandits. They are Orcs, and they may be the same bandits that was terrorizing the town you left” explained Starlight Mist as she rolled initiative for her two Orc bandits. The results were low.

“Now roll for your initiative,” instructed Starlight Mist, Blitz taking her D20n and rolling a 17.

“Instead of rolling for initiative I blow up the tree to my left!” exclaimed Radiant Spark, who in turn caused Blitz Bolt to face hoof as Scatter Brain giggled loudly at Radiant’s antics.

“No, you can not blow up the tree! Combat is starting and I need you both to roll initiative as well. Please,” pleaded Starlight, who was growing weary of her friends mischief.

With a defeated sigh, Radiant rolled the D20, an excited smile on her face as she rolled an 18, the highest yet for their group.

Scatter Brain rolled lastly before scooping up the D20 and eating it, thinking it was candy, “Blech! Not what I was hoping for. I was hoping it’d be cherry flavored since it was red,” complained the pink haired pony.

“Did you at least see what number you rolled?” inquired Starlight Mist, which caused Scatter Brain to feel a little dumb for what had happened, “Uh, um… No?”

“I’ll give you a 15 then, which puts you in last for combat in your group. The Orc’s you’re fighting all rolled lower than you, so they’re the last in combat,” explained Starlight Mist, pointing at Radiant and asking, “You go first this round. What will you do?”

“I cast FIREBALL! And hope that it causes an Orc’s face to EXPLODE!” exclaimed Radiant as she laughed maniacally before rolling the D20 for her attack.

The result ceased her laughter.

Natural 1.

Starlight Mist grinned as she spotted the result and rolled a D4 from behind her divider, “Blitz, roll to dodge the fireball.”

Blitz rolled her D20, grinning as she spoke, “17. I dodge, right?”

“You dodge…” muttered Starlight to herself. Of course Blitz Bolt would have chosen an agile character.

“Okay… So since Radiant’s fireball missed Blitz and hit a tree, the tree is now on fire, and the threat of a forest fire is high. Lets hope this encounter ends fast before you’re all trapped in a burning forest. Your turn to do something, Blitz.”

Taking the D20, Blitz thought about her move before settling on an idea, “I run up to the closest Orc and I use Dazing Fist,” explained Blitz Bolt as she rolled the D20.

“18 to hit?” inquired the electric yellow pony, Starlight Mist nodding in response.

Blitz Bolt then rolled a six sided dice for damage, and a 4 sided dice to see how long the Orc would remain stunned.

“4 Damage to the Orc, and he’s stunned for 2 rounds,” stated Blitz, Starlight nodding in response as she wrote down the information.

Looking up from her divider, Starlight pointed at Scatter Brain and stated, “Your turn to make a move.”

“Uh, I… Uh, I’ll do what Blitz did…?” questioned Scatter Brain, un-sure if she was doing the right thing. This whole adventure was new to her.

“So you attack the same Orc? In that case, you move 15 feet to get within attack range. Roll to hit,” instructed Starlight, who was now getting used to DM-ing.

Scatter Brain gently picked up the new D20 lent to her before rolling, staring at the number for a while, un-sure of what it meant.

“I got a… 20?” she spoke aloud, Starlight trying to keep a poker face before explaining, “You hit the Orc. Roll to confirm a critical.”

Picking up the D20 again, Scatter Brain rolled a second time, “19…?”

Starlight flinched a bit. This wasn’t good for her Orc.

“Roll damage,” Instructed Starlight.

Nodding silently, Scatter Brain timidly rolled a D6, “5 Damage, multiplied by 2… 10 Damage.”

Sighing, Starlight removed the first Orc marker as she declared, “That’s the end of one Orc. One remains. Also the forest fire is slowly beginning to spread.”

Radiant gave a light chuckle, knowing full well the forest fire was her fault.

Changing her focus back to her own dice, Starlight Mist rolled her own D20 behind her divider, “The second Orc swings at Scatter Brain and…”

Natural 1.

“And she fumbles with her axe, which instead she slams into her own foot,” she explained, Blitz Bolt laughing at the luck Starlight seemed to have with her own NPC, while Radiant seemed to be cooking up yet another plan to try and blow something up on her turn, Scatter Brain doing her best to keep up with what was going on.

“4 damage dealt to herself by her own axe. You can all attack again, in the same order as last time.”

Energetically grabbing her D20, Radiant rolled the ever so fickle, fate deciding die, “I cast FIREBALL! This Orc is going to explo—”

Natural 1. Again.

“What’s that, Radiant?” inquired Starlight, a grin on her face as she waited for the grim news, “N…Nat…Natural…”stuttered Radiant before picking up the D20 and forcing it on to the number 20.

“Natural 20, yeah!”

“That’s cheating!” exclaimed Starlight.

“How do you know if I cheated? You didn’t have clear view of my roll,” retorted the demo-mare.

“But you rolled a 1,” chimed in Scatter Brain, softly.

“So you DID cheat! Just for that, your fireball explodes in your hands, roll the damage to yourself.”

Sighing in defeat, Radiant rolled the D6, rolling a natural 6 against herself.

Smirking from the scene that unfolded before her, Blitz Bolt picked up her own set of dice, “I charge the second Orc and use Power Fist!”

The D20 was thrown from Blitz’s hoof as it clattered on the table, an ever fateful 18 laying face up.

“18 to hit, Starlight…?”

“It makes contact, roll damage.”

Blitz picked up two D6 and rolled what could possibly end the current encounter and let the party escape the burning forest.

“10 Damage, plus the modifier from my Dexterity, for a total of 12 damage!”

Sighing, Starlight removed the second Orc marker before stating, “The Orcs have been defeated, and while they drop no loot, you all manage to escape the burning forest, which started thanks to your Mage.”

Looking out the window, Starlight took note of the setting sun, turning back to the group who were enjoying their victory and broke the bad news, “With the sun setting, I’m ending the session with all three of you entering the nearest town.”

“Awww! I wanted to see if I could blow up a Dragon! KABLOOEY!” exclaimed Radiant.

“You wanted to blow up the Orcs too, and looked what happened,” retorted Blitz to her friend.

“Yeah, it was funny how your own spell went BOOM in your own face,” giggled Scatter Brain, Radiant covering her face in shame as she giggled softly, “Yeah, it was pretty

“Now now, we’ll begin again from this point next week,” smiled Starlight before escorting Blitz and Scatter Brain to the door.

Their friends waved as they left, but Radiant and Starlight would see them again next week.

Next week, Starlight would have her revenge.

And it would be swift.



I actually finished another short story!


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Seems little Radiant wasn’t quite ready to handle the awesome power of the Final Boss.

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