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Indiana Pon-3: The goofs strike back.

Radiant hummed happily to herself as she tinkered away in her room, working on her newest proto-type in the sun’s light.

Her humming increased in volume as she glanced at her ‘clock’, expecting her friend to arrive any minute now. It had been weeks since her friend had last been over, weeks since their last batch of shenanigans.

“15. 14. 13…” counted down the mare as she dropped her proto-type in a hurry as she began to jog in place.

Said jogging began to intensify as she heard hoof steps right outside her door, a huge grin forming on her face as her room door swung wide open.

“Radiant!” exclaimed Blitz Bolt, happy to see her friend for the first time in weeks.

“Blitz Bolt!” responded Radiant as she hopped once before landing, her grin still visible, and which caused Blitz Bolt to suddenly feel very anxious.


Windows blown out and covered in soot, Radiant stood, still grinning as she eyed her friend who was also soot covered.

Blitz Bolt gave an audible giggle at her friends’ antics, which she should have been used to by now, as Starlight Mist watched the smoke from her house rise slowly into the air, whispering to herself, “It seems we have a visitor.”


“Glad to see you still fall for the exploding door routine, Blitz.” laughed Radiant, Blitz Bolt sticking her tongue out at her friend before responding, “If I hadn’t been so busy lately, I’d probably have been more prepared.”

Radiant gave her friend a light bop to the head with her hoof before adding in, “Yeah, most likely.”

Blitz Bolt gently tugged Radiant’s hoof towards herself, bringing the mare into a light hug as she apologized, “I’m sorry. Really. Work has been tiring lately.”

“Same here, with all the orders for fireworks and all. Though I’m surprised Ponies are willing to buy exploding doors…” responded Radiant thoughtfully.

Blitz Bolt chuckled before remarking, “Only you could successfully sell exploding doors.”

Radiant grinned at her friends’ observation as she pulled out of the hug, Starlight Mist coughing to grab her friends’ attention.

“Ah! Starlight! Finally back from shopping?” inquired Radiant.

Starlight Mist nodded as she slung the groceries over a hoof before speaking, “If I had remembered that Blitz Bolt was visiting today, I’d have gotten more ingredients for the stew I have in mind.”

“Ah, it’s fine Starlight, really. I can avoid eating here if you don’t have enough food,” stated Blitz, Starlight Mist looking at the yellow mare before adding in, “No no, I insist you stay for dinner. Really. It’s been ages since we’ve seen you, so I do hope you’ll stay.”

“If you insist,” replied Blitz Bolt.

Starlight Mist smiled to herself before trotting off to the kitchen with her groceries in mouth, Radiant looking back at her friend as she spoke, “You know, it’s been a while since we set off a good explosion…”

Blitz Bolt giggled lightly before responding, “I think you’re right. Any ideas on how to fix that?”

“I have JUST the thing,” smirked Radiant as she trotted out through the hole in wall of her bedroom, Blitz Bolt following as she eyed the wreckage.

“I saved this baby for a special occasion, and with your visit, I think it counts as special,” stated Radiant as she opened the door to her usual work shop, flicking on the lights as she entered before walking up to a blanket covering something big.

“Is that what I think that is?” inquired Blitz Bolt as she began to feel a bit nervous.

“BEHOLD! THE PLANET CRACKER!” boomed Radiant as she pulled the cover off, revealing a giant missile with her cutie mark on it as it’s logo.

“With this baby, we can view the biggest boom ever created!” exclaimed Radiant, a gleeful smirk on her face as Blitz Bolt responded, “That is not a baby! That’s a MONSTER! And view what?! I think you’d eradicate all life on Equestria!”

Radiant laughed loudly as she danced around her missile, stopping not long after and responded with, “Y’know, you said the same thing to me in a dream once… Just when I was about to conquer all of Equestria too…”

Blitz’s jaw dropped at the revelation, a faint blush on her face as he friends’ words sunk in. She had never known she was in a dream of Radiant’s, not until now of course.

Shaking away the faint blush, she added, “Well if I said that to you in a dream, then it must have meant something! Radiant, please! You can’t set that off.”

“But it would be SO WORTH IT!”

“Worth all the pie you’d lose out on eating?”

“… Damn. I can’t blow up Equestria and myself if it means no more pie…” thought Radiant to herself.

Crisis averted.

With a defeated sigh, Radiant threw the blanket back up over the missile as she spoke thoughtfully to herself, “She knows my secret now… what to do, what to do…”

Blitz Bolt eyed her friend from behind as she followed the explosion loving mare, un-certain if she heard her friend’s thoughtful remarks right.

Little did either know that some key components of the Planet Cracker have been missing for some time now, as Starlight Mist watched her friends wander about in Radiant’s workshop before stealthily leaving.


Blitz Bolt let out a happy sigh as she watched the sun set behind the mountains as she lay on her back, Radiant having trotted off somewhere earlier.

Despite the revelation of the Planet Cracker, and Radiant’s supposed plans to keep Blitz ‘quiet’ of it’s existence, today had been a normal day spent with Radiant Spark and Starlight Mist.

With a soft thud, Starlight Mist had sat down beside Blitz as she lay down bowls and a thermos on the grass, looking over at her friend before stating, “Radiant should be back soon for the stew. She stopped by the house not long ago.”

Blitz Bolt nodded in understanding as she continued watching the sky slowly getting darker, hurried hoof steps coming from behind her and Starlight.

“I’m baaaaaack!” exclaimed Radiant with saddle bags over herself, sliding them off in front of her as she sat down beside her friends.

“What did you grab?” inquired Blitz Bolt, feeling that she shouldn’t have asked that question.

Rummaging through her bags, Radiant pulled out a small one button remote and handed it over to Blitz Bolt, explaining, “Just push it. Trust me.”

With a slightly shaky hoof, Blitz Bolt grabbed the remote as she eyed the device, Starlight readying her own hoof for a strike against the back of Radiant’s head if anything explosive happened.

Gingerly, Blitz pushed the button.

“5. 4. 3…” counted down Radiant as Starlight’s hoof made for it’s target, stopping short as the sky lit up with fireworks.

“LIFT OFF!” Exclaimed the demo-mare, Blitz and Starlight letting out a sigh of relief before noticing Radiant had begun rummaging through her bags again.

“Uh, Radiant? You already gave me the remote for the fireworks… What are you searching for now?” inquired Blitz Bolt.

“THESE!” boomed Radiant as she pulled out a pair of grenades, pulling the pin on one of them and throwing it far from herself and her friends, following suit with the second once as she enjoyed the impromptu ‘fire works’, oblivious to the frightened ponies that had begun to run by in terror.

Starlight Mist just hoof palmed to herself before slapping Radiant upside the head, which did nothing as the mare kept throwing grenades everywhere, Blitz Bolt’s eyes glued on the sky as she saw what was believed to be the Royal Guard heading towards her and her friends, pondering to herself how… WHY she befriended Radiant in the first place.

“Just another normal, jail filled day,” muttered Blitz and Staright to themselves as Radiant’s maniac laughter filled the night sky as the number of explosions grew.

A normal day indeed.



PURPLEI don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

YELLOWI wish we were friends in real life.

REDI love you with a burning passion.

GREYI wish we’d talk more.

TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we met

PINKI love your blog it’s one of my favourites

TEALWe have a lot in common.

BLUEYou are my tumblr crush.

ORANGEI don’t like your blog.


GREENI think you’re cute.

CORAL: I think you’re beautiful

BLACKI would date you.

BROWNI don’t like you.

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